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If you're looking for the BD-4 airplane website, it's at http://www.bd-4.org!

You have somehow stumbled upon my "hobby" web site
Yes, it looks like crap, just like the shoemaker's kids have no shoes

My hot-rod experimental-homebuilt airplane has been sold
Join me on my last journey during Spring, 2010


Someday I will build another, more gentle putt-putt airplane.  (Don't hold your breath.)

Update (formatted per ISO-8601, and I can't help it, I am a total geek) as of 2014-08-28: I have not moved along at all on the putt-putt project; 'tis presently but  a figment of my imagination, but I have achieved many other things.  For example: staying alive.

I spend a lot of time camping at the Kah-Nee-Ta mineral hot springs resort, as well as camping on the ocean around Newport.  I like the coast so much that I spent the winter of 2011-2012 in a century-old funky Nye Beach cottage, beachcombing and doing my software things.

My other vehicle was a primitive electric car that I restored and used for a while, but it has been sold. Its voltsmobile.com domain is available to the highest bidder: $40... anyone?  anyone???  This three-letter bd4.org domain name itself is also available, for the right price.

Some airplane Books...
(Mostly used to test the value of Amazon Associates linkage.)

Next up is a toy app I made that will usually work with pretty much any device, including ordinary cell & smartphones. It's a free simplified interface to ADDS TAF/METAR (aviation weather) services:  http://bd4.org/taf.  If you're a pilot it's self explanatory -- others who can decipher NOAA wx-speak may find it useful as well.


  1. No donations received to-date, LOL.
  2. I don't regularly maintain these services, so they will be worth a bit less than the price you paid.
  3. YMMV, and good luck.

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I have been messing with computers since the late 1960's, achieving some minor insignificant notoriety online in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quattro_Pro#Origins and elsewhere, including a brief credit in the Windows 95 Easter egg for being on the "mission control" team (~ 1:27 into the vid.)

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